Individual Refugee Volunteers

Photo: Paul Jeffrey

Live the call to justice and hospitality while creating welcoming communities; volunteer at your local CWS refugee resettlement office. Volunteer opportunities may include assisting with initial appointments, serving as an English partner, or coordinating donations. Opportunities vary according to your community, but all connect your talents, time and energy with our newest neighbors.
People of faith are making a difference in the lives of refugees:
  • Janet in Chicago, IL is a refugee mentor volunteer. Once a week she meets with a woman who arrived this year from Afghanistan. Together, they practice English and visit places of interest in the city from the library to a free concert.
  • Said volunteers as a navigator volunteer in Jersey City, NJ. He walks, drives, or takes the bus with refugees that have arrived that month to appointments including the CWS office, health clinic, children’s school enrollment, food pantry, or pharmacy.
  • Karen in Phoenix, AZ assists with weekly English classes held at the refugee resettlement office. Karen provides an opportunity for refugees from Iraq, Congo, and Burma to practice English conversation with a new neighbor.
Volunteer opportunities vary in each community according to the needs of that refugee resettlement office and arriving refugees. Contact the CWS refugee resettlement office in your community for current volunteer opportunities.

Help us…

…create welcoming communities; volunteer with arriving refugees. Contact your local CWS refugee resettlement office.