From interactive hunger simulations to stories about significant change, this is your go-to site for all of the resources and activities to help transform the hearts and the minds of your congregation. Your congregation can experience the hope of knowing that people’s lives can be changed and it starts right at home.

  • Youth Activity:
    Fun, thoughtful and interactive. The youth of your congregation will love these interactive lessons and games that teach about important issues such as hunger, clean water, poverty and justice. For example, you can learn how to cook a group meal celebrating the traditions of another culture. Interactive water games can be really fun and teach some important lessons. Playing a game of global four can help your youth see privilege a little differently…..and all of the ideas are easy on the youth group leader.
  • Resources:
    Download infographics about hunger, clean water and refugees. Download updated CWS Kit and Blanket Shipping Reports, CWS Program maps and other informational pieces.
  • Food Resource Bank Trips:
    Looking for an international trip for your small group? Make this your year to meet some of the families and communities your congregation supports through Church World Service. Foods Resource Bank is planning several visits to CWS overseas programs. These trips are not work trips, but rather learning and relationship building experiences. Your heart will be changed when you meet the people whose lives you have given hope.