CWS West Timor

Photo: Lisa Hayes/CWS

For those living in West Timor, Indonesia, clean, accessible water is a luxury. Without adequate access to water, families struggle during the dry season to produce enough food and provide their families with enough to eat. But you and your congregation can help change that. When you provide access to clean water, communities can use that water for irrigation for crops, which provides better nutrition for that community. You can donate here, or you can get your congregation involved. It’s easy! Just follow the steps below.

Set a goal.

Every gift matters. How much would your congregation be able to accomplish towards providing lasting change for these communities? Challenge yourselves. Here are some price points you can aim for:

  • Jerry Cans - $35

    Provides jerry cans for 3 families to safely transport and store their water.

  • Mosquito Nets - $70

    Gives an entire family mosquito nets to protect them from malaria and other life-threatening diseases.

  • Micronutrients - $140

    Supplies a year’s worth of micronutrient packets for 7 children under the age of 5, a key tool in reversing the effects of malnutrition.

  • Community Garden - $350

    Helps end hunger for three communities by providing the tools, materials and training for a community garden.

  • Latrine - $700

    Constructs a latrine to improve sanitation and prevent illness.

  • Rain Catchment System - $1,400

    Builds a rain catchment system to provide clean water for a school.

  • Community Training - $3,500

    Provides the seeds, tools and training for a community to overcome hunger and begin to emerge from poverty.

  • Clean Water and Sanitation - $7,000

    Gives clean water and sanitation to an entire village, including each household, school and health center.

Have fun as you raise funds.

Fundraising can be simple and fun! You can host a talent show, set up a bake sale or send the youth groups out to wash cars. People love “hands on” activities, so don’t be shy – ask others to help you and turn an ordinary event into one that changes lives.

Check out the free support materials.

  • Poster: This image shows how clean water can make all the difference in West Timor, Indonesia, and presents a strong visual challenge as you lead up to your event.

    Download Poster

  • Bulletin Insert: Help your congregation envision changing the lives of communities and empowering families and communities.

    Download Bulletin Insert

  • Minute for Mission: Have a couple of minutes during your event to share a story of impact? This quick update is a great resource.

    Download Minute for Mission

  • Sermon Starter: Isaiah 30: 23-24 reminds us that water is a precious gift from God. When we help provide better access to clean water, we change communities for the better.

    Download Sermon Starter

  • Meaningful memes: Is your group active on social media? Use these images and memes to help promote your event and convey results.

    West Timor Social Memes

  • West Timor Powerpoint: This powerpoint will help you get your church excited about the CWS West Timor Program.


  • This video highlights individuals from the West Timor, Indonesia program, and shows how clean water changes lives.

    Download Video

Turn in the Funds.

Within two weeks after your event, send a check with the money you’ve raised to:
Church World Service, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515.

Be sure to indicate which program you’re supporting on your check: School Safe Zones, West Timor or Gran Chaco.

You can also make your donation online at