CWS Gran Chaco Program

Photo: Paul Jeffrey/CWS

In the Gran Chaco region of South America the word “neighbor” doesn’t always bring positive feelings. But you and your congregation can help to redefine that. You can be a neighbor who shows kindness and support for others. Donate here or get your congregation involved in providing training to regain land rights, provide access to clean water and create stable food sources for families. It’s easy! Just follow the steps below.

Set a goal.

Every gift matters. How much would your congregation be able to accomplish towards providing lasting change for these communities? Challenge yourselves. Here are some price points you can aim for:

  • Seeds and Tools - $500

    Supply resources to start a garden that all can share.

  • Training - $1,500

    Offer legal training and mapping technology for communities who have lost their ancestral land in order for them to claim land rights.

  • Water Access and Gardens - $2,000

    Give all the assets needed for a sustainable garden, including access to water for irrigation, seeds, tools and training.

  • Economic Sustainability - $5,000

    Provide a community with sustainable resources for livelihood, allowing them to feed their families, sell their produce and exercise stewardship of the land.

Have fun as you raise funds.

Fundraising can be simple and fun! You can host a talent show, set up a bake sale or send the youth groupd out to wash cars. People love “hands on” activities, so don’t be shy – ask others to help you and turn an ordinary event into one that changes lives.

Check out the free support materials.

  • 11×17 Informational Poster: Very few people understand the challenges faced in the Gran Chaco; even fewer have ever heard of the region. Use this poster to help your group learn more!

    Download Gran Chaco Infographic

  • Bulletin Insert: This meaningful connect-the-dots activity is for all ages–for use during or outside of a church service! Use it to engage individuals as they connect to the Gran Chaco region, its needs, and tangible change.

    Download ‘Dots’ Bulletin Insert

  • Neighbor Poster: This image shows clear impacts of a land-grab in the Gran Chaco, and presents a strong visual challenge as you lead up to your event.

    Download Chaco Poster

  • Minute for Mission: Have a couple of minutes during your event to share a story of impact? This quick update is a great resource.

    Download Minute for Mission

  • Sermon Starter: As you redefine what it means to be a neighbor to the Gran Chaco, scripture has some poignant tie-in. Use this piece as an opening for that conversation.

    Download Sermon Starter

  • Goals Thermometer Poster: Help your congregation keep track of the funds you raise.

    Download Thermometer Poster

  • T-shirts/promotional items: Partner with a local shirt vendor to sell shirts using the front/back design, and send proceeds to support the Gran Chaco! The quote comes from Jose Orquera, an indigenous mapper from Argentina who helps communities start the land-right process.

    Gran Chaco T-Shirt Designs

  • Meaningful memes: Is your group active on social media? Use these images and memes to help promote your event and convey results.

    Gran Chaco Social Memes

  • This downloadable guide walks through the steps needed to Fund a CWS Program.

    Download Fund a Program

  • This video highlights individuals from the South American Gran Chaco region, and asks how we can be better neighbors.

    Download Chaco Video

  • Water in the Chaco (full length, no subtitles)

    Download Video

  • Water in the Chaco (full length with subtitles)

    Download Video

  • Water in the Chaco (short CWS version))

    Download Video

  • Bulletin Insert-Spanish: This is a Spanish language version of our Connect-the-Dots Bulletin Insert.


  • Vecino Poster This is a Spanish version of our “I am your neighbor” poster.


  • Chaco PowerPoint: This powerpoint will help you get your church excited about the CWS Gran Chaco Progam.


You can also order printed copies of the Gran Chaco bulletin insert, poster and infographic poster. Submit your online order here.

Turn in the Funds.

Within two weeks after your event, send a check with the money you’ve raised to:
Church World Service, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515.

Be sure to indicate which program you’re supporting on your check: School Safe Zones or Gran Chaco.

You can also make your donation online at

For more programmatic information on the Gran Chaco, visit the CWS Latin American/Caribbean site.