Fund a Program

Is your church interested in doing something different to help other people? How about a way to be creative, have fun – and make a real impact in our world?
Church World Service is inviting you to play a critical role in one of our programs – the School Safe Zones program in eastern Africa OR the Gran Chaco initiative in South America OR the CWS Program in West Timor, Indonesia. Here’s how it works:

Choose a program to support.

  • CWS School Safe Zones

    Give children a chance to learn – and thrive – in a safe space. Your support will help improve a school’s infrastructure, train teachers, provide campus safety and more in east Africa, including Burundi, Kenya and Mozambique. You will impact children’s lives forever.

    Create safe learning environments

  • CWS Gran Chaco Program

    Indigenous communities of the Gran Chaco – South America’s largest dry desert including parts of Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina – are suffering from deforestation and being evicted from their ancestral land. Your support will help families learn their rights, secure their land and create a sustainable future for their children.

    Redefine what it means to be a neighbor

  • CWS West Timor Program

    For families in West Timor, Indonesia, the lack of clean, accessible water makes hygiene and sanitation difficult to maintain, and makes gardening very difficult, especially during the dry season. You can change that. Your support will help communities, by protecting fresh water springs, providing irrigation for gardens, and creating water storage for the dry season.

    Give clean water to a community