Protect Welcome, Restore Hope

Refugees are forced to flee their country of nationality as they are under threat and it is not safe for them to remain. We are standing with our refugee neighbors, both in the United States and around the world, as they seek safety and security. We are standing for welcome. Get your congregation involved.

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It is more important than ever for people of faith to bring a bold, prophetic voice and stand in solidarity with refugees and immigrants.

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Make an immediate impact by giving securely online to welcome refugees who have recently arrived, those who will arrive in the months to come, and to public witness work in solidarity with refugees and immigrants.

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Your congregation can help refugees feel welcome in their new community.

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Church World Service and the National Council of Churches unveiled a national grassroots initiative in support of refugees, “Through this Ecumenical Declaration, we pledge to Protect Welcome and Restore Hope by engaging our congregations and networks in safeguarding the refugee resettlement program and bringing a bold, prophetic voice to stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees,” reads the Ecumenical Declaration to Protect Welcome and Restore Hope.

CWS also released this action alert and church bulletin.

Resources for Your Special Offering

Refugees – the most thoroughly vetted group of individuals entering the U.S. – are by legal definition those who have “a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.” They are outside of their country of nationality and are unable to return safely.

Your congregation can help them as they are facing their darkest hours far from home. Your support will help provide critical assistance for newly-arrived refugees; legal assistance to families affected by the travel ban; and advocacy work to call for justice and compassion. We have prepared the following resources for you and your congregation to use in a special offering or event.


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